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"No artist tolerates

                  reality"                      -Nietzsche

The concept of her artwork is based on labyrinths of the human mind trying to confront the character with its reflection on Nature; are we really those we look at? The coexisting whispers of those who become almost a forgotten remembrance  due to risk of extinction.

Echoes and whispers are reflected into those mirrors based on memories of lost Nature histories, folktales and myths -her, our interior myths, passions, demons and her, our secrets-, finally face up to a duality that is constituted into the complexity/easiness of our being.  Images of absences, steamed up in front of silence and mystery of what lives inside of us and where Nature is taking itself. In which moment do our thoughts take form, and when do we get lost in them?

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"Mexico, my back home country, has given me the roots,
Canada, where my home is, as gave me the wings"

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