¨ ... A great drawing, a personal poetic (...), showing figures surrounded by mysticism as it seems to be herself I think as an artist Irma communicates with Expressionism- Figurative-Surrealism those three genres can combine and express. This is summarized in who has worked with passion and is preparing a story, (...) I said this with love and the fact that someone is doing a serious work, I wish her the best fortune for believing in what her do. ¨


¨The election of the graphic art as a means develops from the passion Irma has for this technique, and however, it fits well to the reinterpretation of the nineteenth century Novels that we localize close to the summit of the bindings that included splendid examples of manner scenes in print of dry top.  The deviation as a style (Cohen), can not be better conceived, since even accusing a clear influence of her mentor -Cuevas- , Irma has achieved to find her own establishing the deformation as an analogy of the psyche, but in one hand conserving the composition of the realistic engraving and in the other hand the undisputable contemporaneousness of the Jungian archetype, from which she heads off in order to update and revitalize highly stereotyped characters, completing gaps in the undetermined (Eco) to achieve the characters’ saturation beyond the cultural rules of the representation (Barthes).¨


 Dealer & Curator

(About her Serie: "Dostoyevski's hell or Dante's soul?")

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